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Once You have put a Deposit on a puppy, You may need Transportation for your new family member!!

Option One -

We work with a Very good shipping company, They want the best for your Puppy just as much as we do.

We don't ship any Puppies before they are Ten weeks of age due to the best of health for the Puppy. We only Ship to the states below, just to ensure the Puppy to be able to handle the trip. 

To ship a Puppy to you, it will cost $300. You will pay that to the Shipping Company at the time of delivery in cash.

Option Two - 

We personally can meet you at one of our local airports with your new Puppy with an additional cost to the Puppy.

Option Three - 

We personally can meet you part way with your new Puppy, depending on the distance but with an additional cost to the Puppy.

Once you have decided on what shipping you want please fill out the form below!

- Delivery Info -

We will be In touch soon!!

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